RainbowAurora ~ SpeakNowOrForeverHoldYourPeace

Greetings Love Beings!


Day 15 Of Archea Aurora In The Arcturian Chambers Of Healing. The System Has Been Reviewed, Cleared And Restored. A Few Is Left To Go and The Initial Plan Had Her Staying In Here Longer However Energetic Guidance Has Her Packing All Up Once More On Mission Assisting A Fellow Bird Tribe Love Being ~


Wonderful Revelations As Mission Atlantis Island Germination Is Now Officially Over With Too Many Gold Grammys To Take With … The Great Taste Of My Transformation For 9 Years Now (Cycle Completion) On Island Vibes Is One That Colors New Creation With The Freshest Rainbow Energies.


Every Vision Going Through Healing The Last Strata Of The Now Departing Pain Body Of Mother Gaia For Eons Is Now Turning Rainbow. Angels Asked Mother Of Creation This Summer: “What’s Your Fav Color?” She Responded :”Rainbow”. They Said It Wasn’t A Color And Asked Again What Her Second Fav One Was And She Said “Gold” . That’s All I Send Forth To Creation Since Forever And For Allways.


Cheers To The End Of An Era !

Thanks For All The Angel’s Love And Devotion, Protection And Guidance! Thanks For The Open Portal And The Divine Timing In Favor Of Love!


Father Wished Me A Safe Journey Home To Him, All Should Go TicToc Perfect !


Thanks Again For My Most Special Farewell And Bachelor-ette Parties On Hilton World AuroraMilkyWAYGalaxy



Blessings And Namaste

MONC xoxox


Coffee, Packing And Celebrations While Mission House Members Get Ready To Assist Aurora In Her TRansition Today ! Enjoy Your Day Angels And See You All Soon!