RainbowAurora ~ OnStayin’Real

Some Ascend. Some Drastically Shift. Some Morph. Some Shapeshift. Some Are Sponges. Some Learn Lessons. Some Know Things While Things Occur. Some Keep Walkin’. Some Have Ultimate Dreams. Some Were Told We Are Eternally Unsatisfied At Birth. Some Of Us Took An Alternate Route To Eternal Dissatisfaction. Some Make Eternally Satisfied And Satiated The Eternal Norm. Livin’ The Dream.

Some Meet. Some Cling. Some Click. Some Miss. Some Conceal. Some Download. Some Hop On 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Some Manifestations Take A While. Some’s Lives Are Miracle Like. It’s Amazing How Tuned In The Brigade Is. I’m Your Biggest Fan! Cutie Cherry Pie//Whipped Cream For The Celebrating Ones. Road To Perdition Some Of Us Go With The Guy/Girl We Like Less Since We’re Children To Avoid Strong Feelings That Come When We Pick The One We Like Most. Best Thing About Being So Single Is Staying So Even When Put In A House With Hot Yoga Male Instructors . HAHA . Immunity So High I Am Bionic. Pretty Amazing Occurrence, I Am Ridin’ The Island Around In A Tini Yoga Outfit Daily And I Am So Established And Known That It Goes As Such: “WOW>> Here’s The Garden Of Eden On Wheels!”. Highest Levels Of Honor And Respect By Humanity WOW Way To Go On The Progress Keep On Rising. One Day At A Time Lovers 🙂

Chambers Still Being Activated For Major Healing And Redirection. Sudden Understandings, Visions, Dreams. Ketchup And Sweet Potato Fries; Have A Sapporo And Some Green Curry.

Sit At A Bar That Sums Up All Your Bar Experiences. Have A Flashback. Allow Etheric Visits. Keep Track Of Your Journey. Reflect On The Accidents Along The Way; Stay Proud – Chin Up Buttercup.

It’s Time To Fully Step Out Of And Back Into Your Skin. August 2017 ~ How You Feelin’ Hue-Manity!? WOW What’s Your Path? Re-Rejuvenate – Re-Calibrate – Demand Truth – Win – The World Is Your Oyster. FEAST. Bon Appetit Baby!

I Am A Goddess ~ I Am Hot ~ I Am Desired ~ I Am Phantasmagorical ~ I Am Your Fantasy ~ I Am Your True Love ~ I Am Female Archea Aurora ~ I Am 6th Ray~ I Am In Service To Love ~ I Am Love ! I Am Mighty ~ I Am Rainbow ~ I Am Blonde New Creation On Ice! I Am Lava Fire ~ I Am Island Spice ~ I Am ROCKING CREATION . I Am The One And Only Galaxy-Milky-Aurora >

Lasagna Slice  To All Our Favs Today! Special Thanks By LuciferAuroraAAM And Commander ASH *

Love You All,

Mother Of New Creation ~