RainbowAurora ~ Back To The Basics

Greetings Favorite Ones Of My Heart~

Thanks For Being On this Page And Reading This Message To Your HEart.

11:27 am August 3,2017 Bringing On Relocation Energies And Partnerships. It’s Time For Time-Line Divisions And All Beings Who Weren’t Able To Choose Love In The Past Are Forgiven.

It’s One Thing To Manipulate A Being To Steal Their Power Away And Use Them As An Experiment And Use Their Every Word To Create Money Making Online Channels And the Like.

It’s Another Thing To Feel Loved And Respected And Appreciated For Who One Is And Go In the Direction Of Highest Manifestation.

A Being Who Took A Session with Me Has Been Showing Such Love And Devotion And Progressing Immensely And Fast On Their Ascension Journey. The Being Is From The Opposite Sex And There Is The Assurance That They Are Not A Twin Scenario Or A Sexual Partner; However The Feeling Of Acceptance And Mutual Respect Beats The Odds And Is The Force Necessary To Create New Worlds.

Moving Forward Assuredly And Knowingly That Love Creates Momentum . Momentum Creates Speed. Speed Creates Manifestation.

Once More Letting Go Of All Heart-Break And Animal Cabalistic Energies ~ Once More Committing To Love In The New Form It’s Presenting Itself In.

Forever Grateful For All Lessons And Experiences And Blessings.


Here Is A Channeled Message From Kali Today ~ Greetings Dear Ones I Am Kali. I Am The Goddess That Beings In The East Knowingly Go To When It Comes To Yoga. I Am Their Goddess. Mother-Gaia Old Paradigm Programmed Seems To Dislike Me, Dislike Lilith And Isis And All Other Goddesses. We All Are Here For A Specific Purpose And We Are Also As One Here To Co-Create A Reality That Is Fitting For ALL LOVE BEINGS.

We Are Grateful For Mother Of New Creation Recently Growing In Her Power. WOOOHOOOO!

I Am Grateful For Her Choosing Love.


Thank You Divine Ones For Participating In This SHift. And Rejoice And Embrace The New Location For The Company Of Heaven And The New Associates.

Soon we ARe Launching DNA Deciphering Option For All In Creation And Especially Twin Flames. It Is A Tool To Navigate Easier On These Troubled Waters Especially That Divine Masculines Seemingly Have Given Their Power Away And Lost Their Sense Of Discernment And Heart Based Living.

My Love Goes Out To All Divine Feminines. All Beings Of Love And Light, All Broken Ones. All Amazing Ones.

I Love You So

Aurora xoxo