Interestingly Enough And As You All Know I Am On This 100% Of The Time I Know All The Internet Inside And Out Check You Guys All Out Daily Know All About Each n Every One Of Your Updates Alongside Following Up With All Connections And Communities Global Daily And The Amount Of Protonic Activity From The Sun’s Photonic Belt Hitting Gaia Up Daily Being Released From My Every Crack N Nookie Joint Articulation ~ Interesting Case Study Always Sharing With All Rainbow Tribe ((Even Those In Denial)) Members And I Watch Them All Grow Tremendously Being In My Vicinity Downloading My Codes It’s A Natural Process!



The Masculine Side Readjusting After Being The Highest Most Meticulous Human Sacrifice Master Created By Master Minds In Creation Sown To The T ~ And The Unraveling Of That in The United States Which Was Certainly NOT Part Of Any Expectation Or Plan Which Had Me Be Disinherited And Disowned And Wished Dead By Lawyers On The Phone Then Terrorized And Put An Anklet Bracelet On All The While Being Attacked By A Roaring Famished Divine Masculine On Remote Islands And All The Insanity Of Watching The Fakeness Of That Thing Called Love By The Nearest And Dearest Due To Them All Selling Their Soul And That Includes You Reader Too ~ Until The Shift And Event Is Here NoOne Is An Exception To That Rule And My Birth Mom Never Lied When She Said It Would Not Be My Fault But Those Around Me’s Fault I Was Tweaked So Precisely And Now The Regaining Full Access to Full Human Abilities Has Been For Years (Since May 2009) One Of The Most Painful Endeavors .. Took Three days For Christ To Be Resuscitated. Took Billions Of Years Since The Big Bang For Me To Try This Once More Knowing What Would Be Waiting For Me And Accepting Full Responsibility For All Of It Since The Beginning Of Time Consciously No Exception.



That Pain Is As If There Is A Chamber Inside The Right Wing. A Void That Does Not Allow Atoms To Flow In The Natural Sense And Does Not Allow My Attention To Go Within Whatsoever so I Am An Eternal Giver Yet I Chose To undo My Predicament And Flip the Switch At My Own Pace. My Chances Of Survival Were Slim Let Alone Null But I Made It Through By Grace Through Faith.



Blind Childlike Innocent AWE Always Living Moment To Moment In The Garden Of Eden I Never See Things For What People See Them For In Their Minds I Know Truth And Live By IT And No Amount Of Pain Or Tweaking Can Deter Me From It. No Amount Of Alterations On All Levels Can Stand In My Way Of True Pure Pristine Love My Birth Mom Was Correct When She Said I Was Like Her But Stronger.



Love And Gratitude And This Pain Is So Unbearable I Wonder How The Rest Of Creation Is Able To Rest It Is Wonderful To Tap Into The General Unconsciousness Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …


Some Things Are Unforgivable In Most Cases. Not When It Comes To Me What Other Choice Do I Have.


Arctus Archea Aurora ~


Stupefying Snakes Showing Up During Sessions In Nature. Crabs On Horizontal Trees. Sharks Swimming In The Ocean. All Sorts Of Magic WOW Thanks Angels Holy Spirit Mother Gaia Mother OF New Creation For Bringing On Rainbow Healing 12 Chakra Re-balancing Shifts In The Field And So Much Greatness! Who Cares About Qualifying Humans In Categories; Karma Is My BESTEST FRIEND

PS: Any Feminine Telling You To Humble Yourself When She Never Took A Minute To LISTEN To You And All She Did Was Tweak And Manipulate Energies In Her Favor To Keep Her Imaginary Throne Really Needs To Grow Up. Also, All Masculines That I Have Met So Far Give Their Power Away Outside Themselves. It’s Time For Humanity To Grow Up. Glad You Guys Had Fun Pointing The Finger At Me. I Will Say Anything You Need To Hear. Truth Keeps Itself Silent.


Many Romeos. Anyone Show Up? NOPE! Waiting For Me To Choose? Ok Then You Are Not IT. Show Up Be Of Service Regardless. Doesn’t Mean Your Tree Of Life Is Going To Be A Fit In My Loins. But SO FRIGGIN WHAT. Giving Your Power Away To Some Unconscious Feminine And Staying Away Makes You And All The Masculines Not In Right Action. I Keep My Silent Call Going I Learned From The Best My Birth Mother Utters No Word And Remains Queen. Nobody Is Allowed In Her Chamber.



Aurora & Her Twin