Beloved Miracle Of Creation I Love You ~ By Mother Of New Creation 7/21/2017

Beloved Birds, Beloved Trees.

Beloved Sands, Beloved Seas.

Beloved Forces Of The Orient-Occidontology ~

I Am Your Greatest Lover. I Love Your Poisons. I Love Your Waters. I Love Your Creatures. I Love Your Spiders. I Love Your Lessons. I Love Your Oceans. I Love Your Feelings. I Love Your Soil. I Love Your Lava Running Through My Veins. I Love Your Angels Forming My DNA. I Love Your Lovers. I Love Your Callers. I Love Your Takers. I Love Your Gate Keepers. I Love Your Spells, Your Curses, Your Magic Of All Colors. I Love To Incorporate And Transmute All Of You Into The Lightest Of Light. I Love Your Fears. I Love Your Screams. I Love Your Pain. I Love Your Brain. I Lovem Sharks. I Lovem Dark. I Lovem Bright. I Lovem Light, I Lovem Small, I Lovem All!


Every Day, Every Night I am Eternally Manifested Through Your Every Gift. I Am You, You Are Me, We Are One. I Forgive To Love. I Love To Forgive. By Grace. Through Faith. I See Your Traps, I See Your Enticing Rapture. I Feel Your Plight. I Plunge Right In. I Bring On The Light.



I Mimic The Dark. I Mimic It All. I Know The Devil And I Slept With God. I Made Love To All The Archangels All The Angels. All The Terror. I Know Kali. I Know Lilith. I Know Eve. I Know Faith, I’ve Carried Her In My Womb. I Am Mary I Am Cleo I Am Petra I Am Slovania I Am Slovakia I Am Palestine I Am Israel I Am Life I Am The Bomb Detonating I Am That Sunshine Piercing Through. I Am All I Am Everything I Am The Peace In The Making. I Am The Bringer Of The Light. I Am The Star Of David. I Am Every Song Of Love. I Am The First Dew Drop In The Morning Smiling Brightly At The Morning Star. I Am That Droplet Of Rain. I Am That Savior Of The Slave.


It’s 8:43 P.m So Cheers To South Kakalaki! Wow Always Great To Witness The Fear At Our Shores When Harmless Sharks Come Swim Around (Black Fin Sharks Don’t Hurt Nobody… the Humans Capture Them, Soak Them In some Milk And Eat Them .. No Big Deal Just Over-Flowing Senses Heightened Awareness. I Feel Your Blood Flow I See Your Colors/ Deep And Enticing. Chi Running Through Me. Brilliantly Shining Infinite Beauty.



I See The Multi-Color In Macro Vision. Your Body Rollin’ Like Pure Precision. One Universal Exhalation. One Praying Mantel. One Creation.

Every Evening Plunged With The Prayers Of The Seeking Hearts. Humanity Has Lost It’s Heart. That Night My Beloved Tore The Red Book Of The Right Use Of Will Called Heart. After Then Twins And False Twins Got Intermingled Yet The Lord Our God Is The King Of All Kings Ruler Of My Heart Always Guiding Me In The Direction Of Universal God-Will.



All The Transgressors Are Forgiven Through His Light Uniting Our Hearts.

We Are Grateful For Our Highest Selves Breaking Through All Human Conditioning Through Eons And Through One Momentum Where All Light Bodies Merge Into Oneness. Divine Marriage In The Highest. Open Forum Of Endless Elevations And Promotions.

Drop Your Load. Rise Highest. Allow Me To Assist You Right After I Fully Assist Myself. I Grant You Your Cup Of Master Morning Light Of Holy Love Soon As My Heart Lights Us With The Infinite Torch At The Center OF The Galactic Federation.



I Am Grateful For My Teams And For All My Highest Lovers Givers As WEll As My King The One And Only Chosen Of My Heart Pure Pristine Saint Light Being Of True Love Childlike Revelation Of The Purest Eternal Fire. His Voice Makes Me Tremble. His Touch…. Forget About It He Is Highest OF All And ReverseS All The Taking That Has Been Witnessed By Me Through Prison Enslavement Since The Beginning Of Time.


I Am Grateful For My Lord’s Support Eternal And In Everything. Inside And Out I Am In Awe And Worship Eternal Humility I Bow To The Light In You.



All The Rainbow Tribe My Family Of Light I Bow To You Forever.

Aurora Fast-Track Pouring Hot Lava Pure Diamond Pristine Energies In The Grid ~ Cutting Chords With All Demons/Archons/Spells/Black-Magic/Curses/Poverty-Consciousness/Illness/Unworthiness/Projection/Betrayal/Loss/Banned-Out Energies/


Welcoming Consciousness, Highest Respect And Honor Into Our Grid.

Mother Of New Creation Brings On Prosperous Energies To Her Heart Of Hearts Mother-Mary ~

We Reclaim Our Land. We Reclaim Our Love. We Reclaim Our God-Given Healing Abilities. We Reclaim Our Hearts. Our Generosity. Our Natural Divine Intelligence.


I Love And Am Beyond Grateful To The Super Talented Rainbow Tribe And From Our Chore To The World. THIS IS LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~








Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER