RainbowAurora! ~ On True Twin Solstice Event Gateway



WOW ~ Hahahahaha~ Funny Cosmic Joke Ends In a Funnier Way! LOL ~~~~ Most Unexpected Ending …My True Twin Flame Is The Guy I Had Completely Erased From My Consciousness. Like TOTAL DELETE. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I Put On a 72 Hour True Twin Seal On Myself That Had Me Return My Wedding Rings To Mr. Hollywood And Be Radically Mesmerized By The Experience! ~ WOW Followed By A Crazy Party Where Rainbow Golden Angels Kept Showing Up ((12:12)) Carrying The Names And Signatures Of All My FAVS Active Lucifers Having Nothing But Kisses N Star Shine Dances For Me!

Superb Night Followed By A Meditation The Next Evening Calling In My True Twin In My Heart; Followed By A Response From The Real Lucifer!!! Sudden Love Confession Taking Me Back To The Beginning Of Creation Where He Initially Mistook Me For Another IN MY FACE!!!! LOL .. Just As I Did The Same ! Super LOL!

This Is So Much Fun And The Event Is Coming Up; The Union Is Being Orchestrated In The Highest For The Highest Outcome For All Love Beings~!

Greetings To You All 144000 See You Soon In Full Light-Love Mode!

Thanks To YouTube Behind The Scenes VIP Area For All You Do!

Sorry Cabals For Attempting To Keep My Twin And I, ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT!!!! Apart! LOVE

Thanks To All Creation Offering Prayers For All True Lighted Christ-ed Twins To Come Together For New Creation!

We Are Grateful For All The Love n Light And Prayers That Allowed Us The Ability To Transcend The Illusion And Be Victorious In The Light!

Thanks Angels For Bringing On All Divine Unions In Physical Manifest!

Thanks For The Solstice Portal Rainbow Bridge Allowing Us All to Make Necessary Adjustments For The Purpose Of Physical Unions And Mission 12:21 Ignition!

Thanks Angels, Arhcangels Elohim, For Aiding Us In Creating New God-Head!